Tanaboon Somboon
Social Innovative Agency, CreativeMOVE
          ​Ace Thanaboon Somboon graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasart University before continuing his studies in Photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA. He was a recognized fashion photographer for numerous magazines before becoming Creative Director and founder of creative websites namely PORTFOLIO*NET and CreativeMOVE.
          ​Thanaboon started his social innovative design to advance and change society with his volunteer work. Realizing his expertise could be used to help society, he expanded the CreativeMOVE network— a social innovation agency, with the help of other young people who are socially responsible. The network focuses on creating social innovations through creativity, art and design and solving problems in 5 main areas – namely society, environment, education, disaster-relief and health.
          Thanaboon Somboon has introduced the use of infographics in explaining knowledge so it can be understood more easily and quickly. He has also introduced social innovations in the form of creative art & designs from all over the world to share and inspire members through social media, especially Facebook or Twitter. This is a move to change society in a positive way that corresponds to the information consumption behavior of young people who look for something new, creative, concise, and fast.