Suraiya Adae
Teacher at Baan Kolotanyong School, Nong Jik district, Pattani
          ​Suraiya Adae received a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Campus. Upon starting work at Baan Kolotanyong School in a small community where most of the residents are poor, she found that a great number of children didn’t have breakfast before coming to school. She thus initiated the project “School Tea Shop—Opening the World of Knowledge for Thai Kids”. The project received support from the Quality Learning Foundation (QLF) and has served as the model in the training of life skills for future careers.
          ​The “Kolodae” tea shop has been developed into a learning unit integrating 8 subjects and a place where students and people in the community can be trained in the preparation of local foods and delicacies such as Khao Yum, Teh Tarik tea, and char-grilled sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves. The students and community residents are able to learn about how to manage a tea shop, to think and plan systematically, work in teams, take responsibility and dare to express themselves, which are the basic skills and knowledge they will need to possess when they grow up and wish to enter a job market.
          ​On occasions, the teachers will take the students out of school and set up a tea stall at organized events to give them experience in meeting the people. The by-products of the school tea shop include a chance for the students to eat a healthy breakfast and earn some extra money, foster positive relationship between the school and the community, and create enthusiasm among students to come to school