Wiriyah Ruechaipanit
Founder of eduzones.com
          ​Wiriyah Ruechaipanit graduated with a PhD from Robert Morris University, USA. He is the founder of eduzones.com—Thailand’s most popular educational website. It is a source of knowledge on issues of interest regarding education. It also plays a part in giving guidance to school-age kids through programs and applications that help students explore their aptitudes, and find out more about the fields of study and prospective careers. The information can be used to help them make decisions about their studies at a higher level. The website won first prize in The Nation Thailand Web 2000 Competition in the Education and Social Services category.
          ​In addition, Ajarn Wiriyah has researched and designed a future classroom that focuses on key skills for the 21st century—analytical skills, the quest for knowledge, communication skills, and creativity, as well as to develop of the vision and aspirations of learners.
          Ajarn Wiriyah is an advocate of Creativity-based Learning, and has spread the idea through numerous channels—through his talks as guest speaker, his writing, on-line media as well as radio and television programs. Moreover, he also sat on the Reform Committee of the Office of the Basic Education Commission of Thailand, Ministry of Education, serving in the Working Group to set the curriculum and develop manpower in the areas necessary for the development of the nation. This has been incorporated in the Income-Contingent Loan (ICL) program of the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC).