Natee Jarayapun and Kanit Aramkijbhota
Happio Co. Ltd.
          ​Natee Jarayapun and Kanit Aramkijbhota are graduates from the Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University. During his Master’s program at Thammasart University in 2010, Kanit and a group of friends entered their business plan in the 3rd Global Social Venture Competition Southeast Asian & Oceania regional round (GSVC-SEA) taking place in Thailand. They developed “Freehap,” the Social Service Activity Support System through Social Network—an application that is used to measure the level of happiness of people in society. This project made it through the Asian regional round and into the global round.
          ​From university-level project, the two took their business ideas for improving society to the next level with the setting up of “Happio Co., Ltd.” The company designs applications for new generation communication. They also continued to develop the “Freehap” application and won first prize in the Thailand Top Ten Software Awards 2013 Competition from the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA.
          The work of Natee and Kanit is a clear example showing that although it seems that technological advances have somehow made people less happy, creative and social-minded innovations can repair the damage to digital-age society, restoring happiness to people who help and care for each other.